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At last count, there were more boat slips in Abaco than hotel rooms - close to 1,000 in about 20 marinas. But several resorts, hotels, apartments, inns and villas - ranging from six rooms to 100 rooms - offer comfortable quarters at rates very competitive with similar accommodations on most Caribbean islands. The average runs about $130 to $145 a night with some resorts with more recreational amenities starting in the $190 range. Some of the latter feature swimming pools, tennis, scuba diving and, at Treasure Cay, golf on an excellent 18-hole champsionship course. Most are quiet places with superb views of harbours, the beautiful inland Sea of Abaco, or Atlantic Ocean beaches. Many feature marinas, bars, restaurants and gift shops, while others offer kitchen facilities. All are casual and laid-back, near or on beaches.

Visitors looking for homey, private, and sometimes secluded, surroundings often opt for a rental house or cottage. More than 500 private houses, villas, apartments, condos and townhouses can be rented by the week or longer. Some come with a dock, and even a small boat. They can be luxuriously appointed, or just cozy getaways. But whether they are brand new or 150-year-old colonial cottages, they're always well maintained by local caretakers. Weekly rentals start at about $800 to $1,000 a week for up to four people on smaller, older houses, with larger, more elegant and spacious surroundings going for $1,500 a week on up, depending on the location, level of luxury, number of people and time of year. Several rental agents and property management businesses, as well as individual owners, handle bookings. People come back here year after year, with family, friends or on romantic getaways. For a sampling, see some of our advertisers listed on our  "Advertisers" page.

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